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Musician, Americana/ folk/Alt.country/singer/songwriter/indie rock

NoCountry The Ron Muga Project: From a sea boiling with the schizophrenic rip tides of musicians like The Beatles, Miles Davis, Johnny Cash...


A Story Steeped in Sound

Ron Muga is a multi instrumentalist, songwriter and most of all, an open musician. Currently playing guitar with the newley formed band out of Brooklyn, NY  LOW ROLLER. The bans is a 60's California Honky Tonk band on a quest to make thier debut record. Throughout the course of Ron Muga's musical career, NoCountry Project (Ron Muga) has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. Performing at a variety of venues, making dozens of appearances, all the while recording new music, NoCountry Project (Ron Muga) has earned the admiration and affection of countless fans, serving as both inspiration and role model. Email ron_muga@yahoo.com for inquiries

NoCountry The Ron Muga Project:
From a sea boiling with the schizophrenic rip tides of musicians like The Beatles, Miles Davis, Johnny Cash, Eric Clapton, The Strokes and The Flying Burrito Brothers, the acclaimed NoCountry emerged onto the shores of musical evolution with the steadfast intention of gleaning the soul using the fantastic enterprises of the flesh, to "get inside the ear of the wandering eye." Sticking his finger in pies in cities and shady hamlets across the country, Ron Muga, the hub of the Noco wheel, has pushed and pulled, torn and twisted, caressed and deconstructed, just about every musical genre that can claim ancestral lineage to American Roots. As a full-time moonlighter in New York in his early twenties, Muga assumed the varying duties of guitar, drums, bass, mandolin, lead vocals, harmonica, and engineer in more bands, configurations and Rube Goldberg inventions than can be named. Most prominently, perhaps, was the bluegrass/alt-country/rock outfit, Northern Comfort, which he co-founded in New Jersey with Ed Rainey.After ongoing differences and directions of the band Muga stayed the course, a course that eventually led him to the mountains of Colorado where he found the spice of jam/experimental/blues rock to add to the aural concoction. It was in Colorado in the early 2000's where his collaboration with lyricist (and indie filmmaker) Joseph Christiana took hold. The duo dubbed the experimental project The Prosthetic Head Shop. Armed with a view of the majestic Colorado Peaks, a warm four-track recorder, and Christiana's celestial/literary/emotional/sometimes abstract word combinations, Muga obsessively churned out song after song (playing all instruments on the recordings). Some of those Colorado gem remain in the NoCountry repertoire to this day, almost ten years later. The gleeful sun of San Diego was the natural next step in the Muga Westward Progression. Among the beaches, cafes,taco shops, and zen trickster hipster hippies of the incomparable Ocean Beach, Muga hosted a rotating cast of Prosthetic characters (Tim Hines), while simultaneously contributing to the San Diego musical phenom The Bad Apples, a hipster garage-rock band that shook the foundations of such legendary clubs as The Casbah and The Kensington. All the while, Muga was busy building an impressive body of songs, now incorporating acoustic-folk into his aesthetic sphere. He recorded his first bonafide NoCo album at the renowned indie-label Earthling Studios in 2005 with the brilliant Mike Kamoo producing. Though the release lacked proper promotion, Muga enjoyed a burgeoning following and performed regularly in local clubs including the lauded Winston's in OB,The Kensington Club,The Knitting Factory L.A,The Casbah,The Cavern and many others through out the west coast. All roads lead home eventually and Muga is currently back in the northeast. He's hidden somewhere on the dirty streets of New York, like a madman, recording a new collection of brand spanking new tunes. The current NoCountry lineup includes producer Cedar Apffel and many others.The new producer brings a diverse background to the table and the new "conditions" are sure to influence the ever-evolving sounds of Muga's NoCountry. Already the first single, Human, is garnering overwhelmingly enthusiastic response on Internet Radio and is currently in rotation on several college stations in the NY metro area. You can check the track out on his https://ronmuga.wixsite.com/ along with others in his years as a writer. Occasionally the muse lets Muga out of the studio and you can find him testing out new songs, as well as performing time-tested gems from his library, in the nooks and crannies of Manhattan/Brooklyn. Muga is also playing with Honky Tonk Band LOW ROLLER in which Ron rolls out the twang and harmonies for this exciting band playing all over Brooklyn. byJoe Christiana



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